Top 7 Reasons Why Cheap Caravan Holidays Are The Best

Cheap holidays are getting increasingly hard to find, so it's no wonder that caravanning is getting more and more attention in the national media for being a cost effective option when it comes to a break from the daily grind.

Whatever your holiday needs, finding a great deal on caravans for sale opens up a world of fun for all ages to make memories that last.

Whether you're making the move from camping to caravanning or buying your first tourer straight off, here's why you need to get away for a caravan holiday next time you head away from home...

Freedom to travel

There are no limits to where you can go, so long as there's a road in between and a campsite (or just a field) at the end of your journey. Whether you want to be in the UK or abroad, you'll find thousands of options, all for a fraction of the price per night of a hotel and flights. Heading overseas? Ensure you don't forget anything thanks to this handy holiday checklist.

Take your home comforts with you

When you caravan, you're taking a little bit of your home with you on every trip. There's no need to get used to your surroundings once you arrive, because you've brought them from home! The little caravan comfort accessories count and make a huge difference to your experience right away.

Get away from the screens

In a world of fruit-based technology companies and internet everything, it can be hard to truly remember what it was like without your finger extended, poking at a digital display. Caravanning lets you get back to nature, enjoying the woodland and wildlife, the sound of the tide, or just the joys of walking and sightseeing. If the weather isn't great, crack out a fantastic board game or settle in with your favourite book.

Delve into some DIY

There are always jobs to do around the house to make it that little bit more personalised for your needs. Equally, should you want to, there are also ways you can add little facilities and neat touches to your tourer. Research a few easy and creative caravan DIY ideas, and find your level of technical nous to enjoy a hands-on holiday every time.

Socialise with like-minded holidaymakers

Campsites are full of people just like you, with both the caravanners and the friendly caravan site owners. Whether you want to relax and chat or get active and explore, meeting new people on a site can be as simple as exchanging stories with someone at the bar in the evening. Or, join up with another family on the next pitch as you all make new friends at all ages.

It's a learning experience for everyone

With hundreds of national treasures in and around cities, there's a campsite for everything. If you want to learn in museums, appreciate art in galleries, watch films, go to a gig, or see pretty much anything else absolutely anywhere… There's a campsite for that somewhere nearby. Here's why Caravan magazine digital editor, Ben Hackney-Williams, benefitted from making memories that have stood the test of time thanks to a childhood of caravanning.

Our rush hour

Most importantly, whether you're touring for fun with friends or family, or you're using your new purchase as a means to an end for accommodation during any number of activities, a caravan lets you take everything at your own pace. You can sit back while you think of the rat race running around you. Take it easy and soak up every little bit of freedom that a caravan gives you. Enjoy!